Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall is Here!

There are so many fun activities during the fall that we look forward to; starting with: Apple Picking! We took the girls apple picking with Nini, Clara, Jacob and Melissa last weekend. Everyone had a great time! Sophia enjoyed picking with Jacob & Melissa and Lily had fun watching us all pick apples. Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, August 31, 2009


Wow! How time flies and what a slacker I've been! Much has happened in the months since I last posted.
Brendon is currently looking for employment after being laid off from Prime Renovation Group in July. We are blessed with a number of friends and family who have offered to hire him to do work for them. Thank you all! He is still a member of Richmond Rescue and has become a member of their board of directors. He was also presented with the Crew Chiefs Award at the annual banquet this year; an award that goes to a member that the crew chiefs feel have gone above and beyond the call of duty. We are very proud!
I have returned to school part-time and am working toward my bachelor's degree in photography at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. After spending my summer working 3 days a week at Once Upon a Child, I am back at home with the girls watching another little girl named Emma, who is 2 months older than Lily. I'm hoping to find a little girl around Sophia's age to watch as well.
Sophia turned 3 this August and gets smarter and more grown up everyday! We are currently working on getting all her colors straight and will start working on writing her name and letter recognition this fall. Her current obsession is The Wonder Pets which is a Nick Jr show about a duckling, a turtle and a guinea pig who save baby animals by working together as a team. She is turning into quite an artist and her easel is her toy of choice at the moment.
Lily has grown by leaps and bounds! She turns 1 year old on September 10th and it's hard to believe a year has already passed us by. Lily's recent achievement is walking! She started walking about a week ago and she gets more balance everyday. I've noticed that she's more likely to try to walk somewhere than crawl. She also has several words including: woah, bye, hello, yup, yay, peek-a-boo, daddy, and all done. She can also make the signs for more and all done. Her favorite activity is dancing and she loves it when Mommy sings "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun in the Park

On our last day in FL we took the girls to a park in the town that my grandparents live in. Sophia loved it and had lots of fun! Lily had fun hanging out w/ GG & Great Grandpa and watching her sister running around!

Lily had fun too!

Explorations Interactive Kids Museum

Also while in Florida we took the kids to Explorations, which is a cool kids museum. Many of the activities were a little above Sophia's level but she still found plenty to keep her busy! She got to dress up like a fireman, pretend to fly an airplane, and play at the water table.

SeaWorld 2

Sophia made a squished penny at many of the exhibits we went to in Seaworld. Brendon fed the Stingrays which was really cool, although they practially took his hand too!

SeaWorld 1

We also took Sophia to SeaWorld one day. She had a great time even though it was 90 degrees out the day we went! We saw Shamu, Clyde and Seymour (sealions), penguins, sharks, jellyfish, and dolphins!